Karli Thompson Photography
Hey there, I'm Karli. I'm a freelance photographer located in California's Bay Area. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.
365 Project

Hey everybody! Shout out to Stephanie Baeza Fine Arts, she’s an amazing artist in SF Bay Area. Please take a second to go like her page on Facebook!

Had a super fun graduation shoot with my friend Alyssa the other week. She just graduated from San Jose State University. Congrats!

Hello friends. Just felt like sharing some of the beautiful couples and their beautiful weddings I’ve been so lucky to have photographed.

Started out just getting my camera out to take a better photo of tonight’s sunset than my phone’s camera could, then I ended up going on a photo adventure around my neighborhood.


i guess i haven’t been as hopeless without my dslr as i thought

Strawberry Fields


My best friend saying goodbye to her grandfather before she moved away.


my activity thingy right now makes me happy

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